We knew Laya and Ravi were a special couple and were making a special start when they said we want, 'A modern twist on a traditional Kerala wedding with a touch of something old and something new'. So went back in time, and pulled out designs, decorations and colors that symbolized Kannur s classic transitional wedding must haves, greatly influenced by its values and culture.
The old ancestral house was given a touch of nostalgia accentuating the traditional architecture. For Laya's entry, we made use of the traditional ola kuda fringed with jasmine and lotus hangings; and the coconut leaf streamers, Marigolds and Jasmine enhanced the aroma entailing admiration, trust, love and fond memories.
An authentic menu: the family wanted to bring back the age old and forgotten custom of the pappadam pazham as an appetizer, followed by the traditional elasadhya which included the fish curry which goes aga

Designed by :CIPHERCUP
t the norm of today's weddings which nevertheless was happily lapped up by the guests.
The families played a vital role in bonding with us to clinch every detail in place. We want to thank Shobha Muralii and family for having chosen us to plan their daughters wedding. It has been a sheer pleasure for us.