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We love visualizing the little many details that make your event exceptional. You can be rest assured that even the tiniest elements would be taken into consideration so you can enjoy your event as much as your guests. Whether We are planning a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, a mehendi, a haldi or a 50th wedding anniversary, We plunge headlong into weaving a beautiful tapestry of events that will linger in the minds of the families and guests alike. We look forward to getting to know you - and how we could help you plan your big day.


Founder And Creative Head – Aira Wedding Planners

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Aira - Implies the Beginning

We ensure that the work we render thoroughly represent you. Our services range from themed weddings, stage decor, Photography and much more.

Creating memories across Kerala, Karnataka. So if you want us to play a small part in creating that perfect beginning, do call us. We believe there is no better way to spend my life than to help others create celebrations that are memorable, personalized and extraordinary. You can be rest assured that even the tiniest elements would be taken into consideration So that you can enjoy your event as much as your guests.

Media & Reviews

Featured on ‘The Hindu Metroplus’

Best Wedding Planners

On cloud 9!! Words are not enough to express our joy! Thank you, The Hindu MetroPlus for this wonderful feature on us, and all the lovely people for making this happen! Love, Aira family…

The most reviewed wedding planners in 2018

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Testimonials Sweet Words

  • "You did a fantastic job, Sarang. What made it so good was that everything worked like clockwork, with minimal interaction from me that day. That's the way it should be. And that's what made the event perfect. Thanks a million."
  • "A dream come true wedding. All credits to u Sarang.Magnificent work at a short notice. With lots of colour happiness and love... Nothing to complain. And special thanks for handling my guests in our absence. Thank u for making my wedding so beautiful."
  • "Awesome work Aira. Keep the spirits and implementation of work sky high. Good Luck for future endeavor."
  • "Thank you, Sarang. And yes we are definitely working together again. Wish you all the success for Aira. Cheers to New Beginnings all the way."
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