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We love visualizing the little many details that make your event exceptional. You can be rest assured that even the tiniest elements would be taken into consideration so you can enjoy your event as much as your guests. Whether We are planning a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, a Mehendi, a Haldi or a 50th wedding anniversary, We plunge headlong into weaving a beautiful tapestry of events that will linger in the minds of the families and guests alike. We look forward to getting to know you – and how we could help you plan your big day.


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A Carousel Of Our Work

  • An Enchanting French Chateau!
    An Enchanting French Chateau!

    A Fairytale Wedding Set In An Enchanting French Château like style, with everything customised! From Floors to ceilings, from chairs to chandeliers it was all distinct from anything you've ever seen before.

    It was held at Our God's Own Country, Kerala!

  • The Wedding Jenga !
    The Wedding Jenga !

    Who doesn't love the classic block-stacking game Jenga? Well, at a wedding drop your wishes fun and wise for the couple on a Jenga block & see how that turns out.
    Jenga on a wheeled cart, at the beach of Alleppey!

  • A pathway to heaven!
    A pathway to heaven!

    A stunning rose petal paved pathway, leading to the most elegant and contemporary mandap for our match made in heaven!

  • The Yellow tassel Mehendi!
    The Yellow tassel Mehendi!

    On a poolside, with a robe of clouds and a rainbow of tassels, alongside a cover of yellow marigolds. An evening created hand in hand with the bliss of magic.

  • Reception - The English way!
    Reception - The English way!

    Bed of roses and chandeliers with pastel shades of pleated drapes had a head table and the family! It's the marvel of love and bond you witness.

  • Timeless fun over the mandalas!
    Timeless fun over the mandalas!

    A Mela themed Sangeet affair for a North-Indian wedding at Bengaluru, was full of fun and fantasy.

  • The Chrysanthemum Haldi!
    The Chrysanthemum Haldi!

    Traditions of Haldi accompanied by blessings was a delight to look at, and the sparkling shades of white and yellow chrysanthemums and the vintage pathway are more than just a delight to one's eye!

  • The Perfect Contemporary!
    The Perfect Contemporary!

    “Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart you feel as if you’ve met them before?”, this is that kind of evening.

  • A Blissful Amalgamation of Tradition!
    A Blissful Amalgamation of Tradition!

    A wedding ceremony is meant to unite not only the couple but the two families as well. It's as much a celebration of two families coming together as it's a celebration of the sacred love and commitment between the couple. Rituals & Traditions are beautiful when you dive deep into them, inquisitive to learn their significance.

  • A peachy tide in Kerala!
    A peachy tide in Kerala!

    The shores of Alleppey welcoming the day of sunshine and everlasting love, a wedding desire!

  • Victorian dreams come true!
    Victorian dreams come true!

    It's all about class and grace and calls for romantic gestures of a dainty nature, A Victorian Dream!

  • The Grandeur begins here!
    The Grandeur begins here!

    Do you remember the French chateau? Yes, This was the reflection during the day!

  • Divine & Exotic, A Euphoric Combination!
    Divine & Exotic, A Euphoric Combination!

    Florals that speak emotions and a day that shines right through all the wedding memories to hold.

  • Dance away kinda evening!
    Dance away kinda evening!

    Rock & Roll Sangeets like these. Glam up, dance away kinda evenings. ``A Royal Evening``.

  • Red & White Magic!
    Red & White Magic!

    Velvet ceiling with a floral chandelier and a blanket of complimenting props around a mandap like this, what do you think?

  • A Paradise Beginning!
    A Paradise Beginning!

    This picture is from one of our favourite venue called Tamarind Tree in Bengaluru. It all begins from this decked up Ganapathi to the miraculous mysteries you are about to witness along!

  • Cocktail Evening at The Leela!
    Cocktail Evening at The Leela!

    We curated this evening at the Leela Bengaluru! An American wedding and an English reception for a beautiful couple!

  • Gala ``full`` Haldi !
    Gala ``full`` Haldi !

    Haldi & Mehendi are super fun and these photos here are proof of that!

  • Those Little Details!
    Those Little Details!

    We are known for the little details that are looked into, for weddings are a lifetime memory right?

  • A Stage of Grace!
    A Stage of Grace!

    with all the traditions and rituals intact, the wedding mandap was bliss so wondrous.

  • Lounges like these!
    Lounges like these!

    This is one kind of a lounge for one of a Mehendi evening at ITC Windsor Bengaluru!

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Aira - Implies the Beginning

We ensure that the work we render thoroughly represent you. Our services range from themed weddings, stage decor, Photography and much more.

Creating memories across Kerala, Karnataka. So if you want us to play a small part in creating that perfect beginning, do call us. We believe there is no better way to spend my life than to help others create celebrations that are memorable, personalized and extraordinary. You can be rest assured that even the tiniest elements would be taken into consideration So that you can enjoy your event as much as your guests.

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Our Promise To You

… Well! Let’s hear it from the Mother of our Bride

My daughter’s wedding, as you can imagine, is the biggest event of our lives. We were so scared to trust anyone with this responsibility and never thought anyone could do it better than us. This was going to be difficult to organize because we had guests coming from all parts of the world, and soon realized we needed help. After going through reviews of many planners online, I came across one where a bride’s father wrote glowing reviews of Sarang. I was so curious to see who he was and what he could do. From the moment we met Archana and Sarang, we knew this would work – the confidence they give you is immense. I have fallen in love with these angels! The wedding went without a hitch. The decorations were out of this world!

Every event from the Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding to the amazing ball room reception at the Leela palace – was perfection. They coordinated over a hundred foreigners and their different flights and hotel check-ins. They handled everything from the venue, live bands, DJs, dance floors, all done without a frown, all around the clock. I can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true and for making my princess’ fairytale wedding come to life. Thank you.

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